5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins?

Let’s go with Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

Start creating a backup for your WordPress site. Cause it is very essential while your site has more or lots of content and there are some changes like, hacking your website data deletion auto-lock your WordPress site, like things.

So, you need to create daily backup according to my point of view in order to secure all the data, which is being updated on your site or blog.

So, let’s see some easy to use plugins that can restore and backup your all the data of your site. These plugins will help you to create a backup without getting penetrated yourself in your hosting.

You can easily create a backup of all of your data from your WordPress itself, just by the help of a plugin.

There are some hosting providers that provide the only limited size of data backup. so you need to know about that.

This means how big size data can be back up and restored from there some plugins.

So these are very helpful plugins that will help you in creating a backup to all of your content from the website.

WordPress Backup Plugins


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Basically, this plugin helps you to create a free backup and totally automatic backup of your site.

This is free of cost and the data backup can be stored on your Google, Amazon, Dropbox-like which creates even on your computer.

so, you can easily create and restore that backup.

This plugin has about 9 million+ activations installations till now.

It also comes with a premium version but you can go with the free version and there are lots of things also in the free version.

So if you wish to go with the premium version you can go, there is some powerful customization within it.


Free and Premium.

Bold Grid Backup

wordpress backup plugins

It is the product powered by WordPress and an ultimate solution for data backup of your WordPress site.

Bold Grid Backup has its own platform like a site builder that is powered by WordPress itself.

So it may be a good choice for you for the backup of your site data in terms of belive.

Bold Grid Backup comes with the auto-backup feature, which allows your site to backup all of your content data on your site before being updated.

so it may be a good choice if you go with it.


$60 per year with its premium tools.


wordpress backup plugins

It is one of the premium and widely used plugin for backup.

The most popular site backup plugin with lots of extra and powerful features, like auto data backup, auto-update like things

It is about 1 million+ active installations till now.

So, you can understand that the belive of consumers to this particular plugin. Everything is all due to, its feature and its service.

You can select this one, it could be a better solution for backup of a site.

The best thing about this plugin is you don’t need to create a lot of things in it, like its service charges and all.

You can activate the number of this particular plugin. In a number of sites if you have a plan like that.

It provides 16GB of storage. which is I believe more than enough for any blogger or any platform of the sites.

So I think it could be the best solution if you go with its premium version.


$52 for one site.


wordpress backup plugins

And here the monster comes in the scene.

This particular plugin has about 2 million+ of active installation until now.

Due to its free version, it is awesome and you can go with it even.

If you want a free backup & all in one solution then you can go with this particular plugin.

Updraftplus plugin for backup is extremely good and it allows you to restore and create backup it on your PC either or on your site.

So, you can easily restore that particular backup if anything happens like hacking and all.

There is also a premium version of it and if you wish to go with then you will get some extra features, like breaking of baking up of your sites, migrating and cloning of your site.

So it will help you in doing that so. Just keep in mind if you wish to go with it then you can.


$50 for premium plan otherwise free


wordpress backup plugins

Ok so as its name suggests that duplicator, it can create a duplicate site like your the new one or the original one not only this much, It helps in migrating your site.

So, if you wish to go with a plugin that can migrate and also which can backup all the data on time then it could be a good choice.

Any automatic backup is not allowed in this plugin which affects some of the users in using this particular one.

If you don’t care about backup auto-backup then you can go with this particular one


Free of Cost

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Final Words

So, This is all about the Best WordPress backup plugins according to meh & many bloggers also suggest these plugins.

Among all these WordPress backup plugins, all are best but the one which is always number one is Updraftplus due to its free use.

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