5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder-2020

Hey guys, welcome to DigitaRitwik once again. Today I’m going to share, the 5 best & most useful WordPress page builder plugin for your blog site.

Drag And Drop Page Builders

WordPress has a popular page builder packs with lots of ready-to-use modules or features. That can be added to the pages and posts. With this interface, you can fully customize your modules and move them easily and simply.

This advanced web design tool not only allows you to work with drag-and-drop user interfaces but also provides useful elements that you can add to your website.

You can create a website in minutes and even integrate pre-made page layouts for a range of project goals.

 Mostly of the page builders in this list of this post are compatible with all the WordPress themes. But in case if you lack some compatibility issues with any theme. You then need to apply a theme that is compatible with the page builder you have chosen.

 If you are editing an existing WordPress theme that you did not want to change, you may want to make sure that the page builder you choose is compatible with this theme.

Below are the top 5 of the best page builder, we have shared.


1. Themify

Themify is the first on our list because Themify is a great and very popular WordPress theme in the store. That offers lots of built-in –features, good page builder for WordPress themes. With this Page Builder plugin you have access to all functions like Gutenberg, but with much more powerful drag and drop page builder. Just go to plugins and click on add new button, then search for the “Themify”. The first result which is coming is the themify builder.

Themify Builder is a basic, simple – enough, drag – and – drop and drop and drag builder that can be used to create simple pages. In addition, Visual Composer works with a variety of other plugins, such as Visual Studio, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.

Themify Builder lets you drag and drop page creators in WordPress and edit pages in both the backend and frontend. Also can make some custom layouts for the WordPress site by using ready-to-use content blocks features.

2. Divi Builder   

The second on our list is the Divi builder from elegant themes. Its a paid but great value, you can find it on the elegantthemes.com.

Divi Builder is a powerful WordPress page builder. That lets you create any kind of design on your website using a drag & drop facility. It is based on the same source code as Divi, the popular drag-and-drop builder for WordPress. The Visual Composers and The Website Page Builders are very user-friendly WordPress website editors available. That helps making custom website layouts quickly and effectively.

It provides a real front-end editing experience while you design your website and has all the tools necessary to build a website from scratch with just a few clicks, no matter what you design.

drop tool that helps you create custom pages for your website. Instead of starting with a template, launch a plugin that offers drag-and-drop design features. Compares to the other plugins in this market, Visual Composer Website Builders gives you to edit menus, footer, header, logos, etc easily.

This Landing Page Builder plugin can function as a WordPress theme and offers even greater customization with the help of drag-and-drop design features and drag-and-drop functionality. This page builder offers the opportunity to learn, program, and try out developers without having to deal with rigid editing options.

3. Beaver Builder

The third on our list is the Beaver Builder. With over 300,000+ active installation.

Beaver Builder comes with ready-made templates and layouts that allow you to quickly create stunning pages. SEO – friendly, Beaver Builder is SEO-friendly and comes in a wide range of styles and style sheets. Almost all the page creators out there these days come with drag-and-drop pawns.

We chose Beaver Builder because it nails absolutely everything we were looking for an easy page builder, is easy to use, creates brilliant mobile, engaging pages, and is absolutely necessary for all of our features.

If you want to create stylish posts and pages for your WordPress site, a page builder plugin is the best way to do so.

The best page creators and plugins add a new content editor interface to your site, allowing you to do so much more than is currently possible with the standard editor. If you are looking for a great drag-and-drop plugin for WordPress, I encourage you to try wpbakery.

  4. WPBakery

The next on our list is the WPbakery, which has 4,300,000+ users on wordpress. Its a paid page builder but its a really good worth.

With the Visual Page Builder from wpbakery.  You can choose whether you want to design your website front or back. This simple and very intuitive page builder comes with the ability to use modules that you can add to any page or post.

In fact, by using the WPBakery Page Builder. Add a ton of custom builder elements to your entire WordPress theme. The plugin also works with any theme you want to install on your WordPress site, and all 40 content elements it contains are ready to use immediately. You can use a hundred premium extensions to add all the features you might want or need.

5. Elementor

The last but not least the Elementor page builder. The fastest and the great page builder. Which has over 5million+ active installation.Thats we are currently using in our wordpress site.

Elementor plugin is a great way to add some extra functionality and make your site more attractive for visitors.

The first thing you need to do when creating an element is to select the appropriate class name from the drop-down menu. This will allow us to use this new feature in our next project. In order to create a simple element, we can simply click on its name. For example, if I wanted to have my website display a list of all the products that are available at Amazon, then clicking on “Amazon” would be enough.

Final Words

Drag and Drop plugin is the software that allows website operators to drag and drop website elements onto a page. Create beautiful layouts without having to know or use any code. Gutenberg may seem like a “page builder,” but it’s really more of a front-end drop-in and drop-out tool, making it a great choice for web designers and developers alike.

So, This is all about the Best WordPress Page Builder plugins according to me & many bloggers also suggest these plugins.

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