simplest way to Create Disclaimer Page In WordPress?

How to Create Disclaimer for Website

Hey friends, I this article I’ll explain how you can create disclaimer page for your website.

If you wish to create a professional website and want to get the approval of Google AdSense. Then you need to follow Google AdSense guidelines.

Hey, do you have a disclaimer page for your website if yes, then good? If no then you need to create disclaimer page.

If you are not creating a disclaimer page then you are violating the rules of making & managing the website, blog startup online store, etc.

According to Google AdSense guidelines, your website must have 5 pages to get google AdSense approval & the disclaimer is one of that five-page. Others are About us, Privacy policy, Home & contact us.

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Disclaimer Meaning?

Before starting with this, let’s take a look at what is Disclaimer.


You need to create disclaimer to state, what you are not legally responsible for.

This happens mainly with bloggers, product sellers, companies, medicine prescribers, etc. Because no one wants to take responsibility for actions related to the product & services If he/she is not the person who has all the authority to create & sell.

This page is extremely important by the point of providing information about your website to the visitors and users of your website. So, that information about rules and contact is provided on this page.

A disclaimer is necessary if you are writing on a controversial or serious topic, selling, politics or a medical online drug mentor.

This page may help you in a case sensitive & blaming like issues.

As Google statesthe owner of a website must have to create a disclaimer page & privacy policy if you are using Google analytics.

How to Create Disclaimer?

You can create a disclaimer for your site by the Generator tool available for generating a website disclaimer.

If you wish to create a professional Disclaimer for your website then you can follow the steps below.

This process is absolutely free of cost and copyright free so don’t be afraid about the content copyright problem.

Here we go Step by Step

1. Go on the Disclaimer generator website.

disclaimer digital ritwik

2. As you go to the website you will see a black box, Just fill the box by providing the name and URL of your site.

create disclaimer

3. Now after clicking you will reach on a new page where you need to fill your location and email id on which you wish to get it.

4. Now click on Generate & you will receive an email.

disclaimer digital ritwik

Here, it’s your disclaimer has been generated and sent to your email address.

Now you can easily copy and paste it to your site’s Disclaimer page from email you got or copy the preview & paste it to your disclaimer page. There is no issue of copyright with this generator.

FAQ on Creating Disclaimer?

disclaimer generator for youtube

free disclaimer template

copyright disclaimer generator

earnings disclaimer template

free amazon affiliate disclaimer generator

disclaimer for youtube

about us generator

free terms and conditions generator

Feel free to contact me personally on Instagram. I’ll try to give you all the answers to your questions Keep patience.

So, This is all about how you can create disclaimer for your site without having any issue of copyright. This method of creating a disclaimer is the simplest & the easiest one.

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