How To Start A Blog & make money Right now?

Do you Want to know how to start a Blog?

Wishing to build your carrier in blogging, welcome you to the field of blogging & let’s see how to start a blog.

Do you know! millions of blogs are posted per months and it’s not so easy to start a blog and rank it, without having a proper guide about how to start a blog.

“It’s not too late to start Anything”

Focus matters.

Okay! blogging is the best ultimate way to generate passive income online. wishing to build your carrier in blogging, welcome you to the field of blogging.

Do you know! millions of blogs are posted per months and it’s not so easy to start a blog and rank it.

Here, on Digitalritwik you will get all the details, From its post creation to ranking.

Reasons to Start a blog:-

1 Name & fame
2 Social influencer
3 Money making
4 Passive income
5 Awareness & Sharing Knowledge Etc.

Let’s See How to Start A Blog?

As a starter, You might have some questions about how/where/when/what:-
A. How to start a Blog?
B. where to start a blog? (platform)
C. which niche you should select? (Blog topic)
D. what should be your domain name? (Domain name selection)
E. where & how to buy a domain? (Platform)
F. where to host my blog? (Hosting provider)
G. How to install your domain on a blog? (WordPress or Blogger)
H. How to design your blog?
I. which things you should take care of the blog?
J. How to write your blog?

In this starter guide, where you will get to know how to start a blog & all the answers to your questions & will know how to create your blog.

In this starter guide you will get all the things & knowledge on how to start a blog,where, when, what & all type of things related to the blog.

So, let’s see how to start a blog:-

Niche selection

In how to start a blog the main topic is on which you wish to create a blog. This is the most important factor, on which you need to focus before knowing about how to start a blog. The topic of niche must be according to your interests.

Domain & hosting

The second thing in You need to know about how to start a blog is to select a domain name that must be easy pronounced, learn & short.

Platform selection

The third thing in You need to know about how to start a blog is to select a platform where you wanna write or run your blog. Go with WordPress.

WordPress Installation

The fourth thing in You need to know about how to start a blog is to Install WordPress & tie it with your domain.

Designing the blog

The fifth thing in You need to know about how to start a blog is to design your blog as you wish or go with the tutorial.

Plugin installation

Install the best WordPress plugins which will help you to run your blog smoothly is the sixth thing in You need to know about how to start a blog.

Blog Post writing

Write your first blog post & share that is the seventh thing you need to know about how to start a blog.


After writing the post you need traffic so your blog will be ready to make money & this is the thing which really matters big in how to start a blog & make money.

Monetization of blog

And the last but not least in how to start a blog & make money is you need to monetize your blog.

Okay! so these are the tings which you need to care about during the whole process of how to start a blog. To start your first ever blog you must have to go with these steps.

Niche Selection To Start A Blog

Niche (TOPIC) selection is the most important factor in all these processes of how to start a blog. Cause if you go with the niche that on which you are interested, you will perform better in that particular niche.

The biggest question is that on which Niche (topic) you need to start your blog?

Let’s go with it and find out how to select your topic or Niech.

1 Your interest just goes with it, on the topic you wish to create the content and you never feel bore on the topic or anything else.

2 The best idea is to find out is, the topic you love most to think, read, write, speak or anything else.

3 For newbies, I’ll suggest you guys write down the topics of interest and re-select topics by removing the topics which seem to be not so interesting.

Niche selection is the most important thing in this field & it affects too on your blog growth.

Domain Name

A domain name is nothing but the name in which the user uses type as a URL in order to access the blog or site.

This is one of the biggest factors which you need to care off during going through how to start a blog, Cause just by knowing that how to start a blog & by starting them just for fun really doesn’t matter at all. Till that time you don’t have a good domain name.

i. Short

Domain names should not be soo long. Just buy a domain name with alphabets not more than 12, cause very long domain name is really hard to understand and learn.

So, go with the domain name having fewer number alphabets.

ii. Keyword in Domain

The keyword in domain means any domain name which clearly reflects that is for what.

The domain means like digitalritwik it reflects digital contents are being posted here on this site and it also helps the search engine to categorize it.

iii. Easy to remember

Where you can use domain name something like which don’t need to repeat to memorize it.

Like if you heard names like Sony, Apple-like words you can easily memorize it.

So, it’s beneficial for you, that’s why don’t take any domain name which is difficult to learn.

iv. Easy to pronounce

So are you need a domain name that must be easy to pronounce cause, if you have any domain name which is quite tough to pronounce, then it might not help you in getting much traffic or getting such engagement.

Due to wrong pronounce the search result may affect your site presence.

Just remember three things and you will be able to select a good and easily findable domain name.

Always use a custom domain. It will cost about $2-9 for the first-ever purchase. Thereafter it will cost $10-14 each year for renewal.

Go with .com domain. Don’t go with .net, .xyz etc. As the concept of every user is something .com must be a site and it will help you to grab the attention of users to your blog.

You may go with Godaddy or any other domain provider to check the availability of the domain name required to you.

Hosting Selection To Start Blog

Web-hosting is the place where the data of your blog or site is being stored on its server & it provides access to your site. There are lots of hosting providers in the market but if you wish to go with the best one then you can go through the HOSTINGER & their offers.

There are 4 plans of HOSTINGER

Free SSL
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Easily accessible cPanel
1 Email
Live chat support
30 days money-back guarantee
Free domain name
Apart from all this, it costs $0.9/month only

How to buy hosting On Hostinger?

Special Price link

Special Price Link will take you to this page, From here just select the plan which you wish to go with. If you have only one website then you may go with the single hosting plan, which will cost only $0.9/month.

Hostinger hosting plan how to start a blog

After that, you will be redirected to the next page, here you can see the plan details & also you can add some extra tools. Thereafter click on Checkout Now, it will take you to the next page for payment.

hostinger hosting checkout how to start a blog

So, You need to select the payment method through which you can proceed.

hostinger hosting buying how to start a blog

Here, you are about to finish the payment, just fill the details & click on pay now. Your payment has proceeded & it will redirect to the next page where you can see your hosting panel.

hostinger payment for how to start a blog

This is all about how you can buy hosting on hostinger just at $0.9/month.

Platform Selection to Start A Blog

There are lots of platforms where you can start your blog, but among them the most convenient and used platform is WordPress. About 30-50% of sites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Companies like sony music etc. are on WordPress.

wordpress how to start a blog

The selection of a perfect platform is necessary, cause it allows easy/difficult access to your site so just go with WordPress cause it’s easy to operate. WordPress is the best ultimate solution to coding.

Blog Designing

Blog design is a major factor cause it describes your user experience & reliability on your site, this is the thing that you need to know & follow as a blogger while designing & representing your blog.

If you go with WordPress then there are lots of thems available there for FREE.

You need just one thing that’s your category. Just go with the category in which you are. Not only FREE but also premium themes are available. But if you are starting a blog, then go with the free one. Wishing to go with the premium theme as a blogging professional.


You can go with these paid themes:-

Astra theme

Are you a blogger? If yes then this theme is for you, it’s very easy to customize and use, so you can go with this theme. It has lots of customization in its paid person.


This theme provides you a lot of customization along with lots of design, so if you are willing to go just go with this, you will be a good choice for you.


Ocean WP theme is mainly used for the E-Commerce site.

This allows easy listing of the products and its fully optimized design gives a damn good look to your eCommerce Store.

So, if you are starting an eCommerce Store then you may go with this awesome OceanWP theme.


It is the most widely used theme among the bloggers due to its features lots of customization.

Personally I am using this theme and actually I am using its free version but it has a lot of customization.

Which I don’t have expected from it, so if you buy it premium version then you can think which type of customization do you get.

These are the themes which have also free & premium accessibility so you may go with these fully optimizable themes.

Best WordPress Plugins Installation

There are thousands of plugin available on WordPress but some essential plugins that you should use from when you are starting a new blog.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best, superb & an ultimate solution for SEO. It is the widely used SEO tool throughout the entire planet.

yoast seo how to start blog

It has lots of functions, which allows you to know about your competitors. Along with the best keywords which can be used for that particular post to rank.

What should be the internal linking status, SEO title, with image alt attributes, meta description length, keypress length like things?

If you go with its premium version then you will get lots of functions in this particular plugin.

Premium version of this plugin allows access to the synonyms related keypress, the same words and more easy to know about the search engine and optimize your content accordingly.

WP rocket

WP Rocket is a plugin that clears all the cache in your WordPress site.

wp rocket how to start a blog

Clearing cache improves your site speed and it’s an ultimate solution for, Cache which is produced during the operation of your WordPress site.

It increases your site speed & also improves your SEO ranking essentially and this is user-friendly, so you can go through it.


WP optimize is all in one solution of a plugin, which clear database, compress image and increase your site speed by removing the cache.

This is one of the most popular and Highly Effective plugins, you need to use to increase your site speed and optimize your WordPress site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plugin helps you to track your traffic information that exactly how much people are visiting your site.

google analytics how to startba blog

It has over 2 million+ active users & the best part of this plugin is, it comes with Google Analytics full report in WordPress.

which shows you all the info about your blog or site along with you can track your user uses. How they are taking action on your site, from where they are and like things.


Shortpixel is an image Optimizer tool for your website.

It reduces the image size and improves your website performance. While reducing the image size, doesn’t reduce your image quality and optimize your website speed.

It has optimized about billions of images along with 230000 + websites and it helps you to Grab traffic and stick them to your site.


Wordfence provides you secure your data and saves you from spamming and attackers.

It does not allow any bypass to your server for the attackers and so you can save your data.

It also blocks any IP if multiple failed login is attempted from that particular IP address.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy table of contents provides a brief knowledge about any particular post. what things are listed there in a post and from there you can click on that to skip the rest part.

Easy Table of Contents how to start a blog

You can go through the page which you want it supports by scrolling to that particular post.

It shows which type of heading have you used on your site during the post. It is a user-friendly plugin and it might help you while designing your website designing a post.

The list of all the have to plugins is here. If you have followed all the steps then your blog is about to complete.

Write Quality Blog Post

Before you go through it, You must go with the content planning, that you wish to create on your blog.

Start Writing A Quality Blog Post?

STEP 1. Proper Planning

Okay, proper planning is the major factor on which your Article, Engagement, people view, search engine things, SEO, Ranking & everything is dependent on. So, If you are creating a blog post then you must select a topic before you start writing about that.

Yeah! I know you all know that you must have a topic to write. Don’t create any post about which you don’t know and just started copying others.

So, pick a topic and plan the heading, subheading, body & last word to engage your audience/readers.

STEP 2. Building of title

Your title must be eye-catching, So the people who even take a glance in your promo or anywhere they must have to be curious to open that.

STEP 3. Simple language

simplicity is the key to success

Believe on this.

Writing your post in simple language gives your audience a touch about what you wanna share. Don’t use too vast language while creating a blog post, It will surely help you to target and engage your audience.

STEP 4. Write the fact

See going with fact & helping your audience or readers will help you to create a loyal audience & trust on your blog including you.
So, just go with the facts about what you are writing or sharing along with this don’t copy content go with your experience.

STEP 5. Attractive content

It’s all up to you what type of content do you create. If you are able to create awesome content then the for sure you can build your audience.

It’s a fact that your audience decides your content quality, but all that you can do is creating content as per audience & the fact.

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Create Mandatory Pages

There are some mandatory pages by google like search engines in order to get approval like, Google Adsense.

So you need to create the following Mandatory pages:-


It is a page in which all the details of the website content, data, user data, visitor data & how the admin of the website will use all these things are mentioned in detail. like visit PRIVACY POLICY.

Technically if you log in or enters on any website you automatically agree with the terms and conditions. So this is an important aspect that a privacy policy page must be created on your site.

This page helps users & visitors to know about their data security & data use.


This page is as much as important as creating a privacy policy page. This page provides information about your website to the visitors.

Disclaimer page is recommended if you are writing on a controversial or serious topic, selling, politics or a medical online drug suggestion. This page may help you in a case sensitive & blaming.

According to Google, you must create a disclaimer page & privacy policy page, If you are using Google analytics.


Contact us page is nothing but, a page from where advertisers, users & visitors to your blog can contact you. If they have any issue with your content, post, article, etc.

Sometimes Google also needs to contact in case sensitive but they will mail you & mail is the part where you give access to any third person to make a contact link to you. So, creating a contact us page will help you in these manners.

Creating a contact us page gives a professional, easy contact & dedicated impression of you on your blog to the Google crawler & helps you to get Google Adsense approval fast.


About us, a page is nothing but, the page which provides knowledge about who are you, what you do, why anyone should be there like info to visitors.

Creating an About us page helps your visitors to know about you & your work along with your team & organization. So, just explain what your blog is about in detail in your About us section.


A sitemap is a page model of your site content that helps visitors, users & search engines bots to navigate the site.

It includes a page where all the pages links are listed in proper category wise, As it’s clear by the name that a site map is a map/ roadway of the site.

where all the details about pages, categories & posts are indexed in a fixed pattern. This is necessary according to visitors’ point of view because it navigates visitors on your site.

Drive Traffic Blog

Now, everything is done you just need traffic on your blog to rank your blog post.

Driving traffic on your site will basically boost your blog site visibility. If you are not getting that much traffic, you can’t rank as fast as if you are getting more traffic to your blog.

So, getting traffic is the most essential and too difficult task but by following some of the simple steps you can get somehow traffic.

These are not standard rules that you must have to follow all this. But YEAH you, can follow these steps to increase your media visibility.

If you have great traffic then the search engine verifies your site as an authentic site, which will help you to rank on Google or any search engine.

So, just go with the steps explained below.

Get social
Internal linking
Blog commenting
Gues post
Ping list Submission
Sitemap submission
Social sharing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is an online process of listing or ranking of any site, blog or service to the top of the search engines for a particular or bunch of keywords.

Search Engine Optimization helps to rank any post or any site on the search engine, only if your site or content is a search engine optimization friendly and following the Search engine terms.

SEO is used:-

 To get more organic & unique traffic on site.

 To increase the visibility of the site on search engines.

 For ranking the site on the top of the search engine.

 To show your business on the digital platform.

Do ON-Page SEO

On-page SEO means the optimization of your site according to the search engine. Optimizing your site as per search engine helps your site & content rank faster and on top of the search page.

It plays a major role & affects your site & article about 35-40% on optimization.

On-Page SEO involves the following factors:-

» Keyword Analysis
» Html tag optimization
» Doc. type
» XML sitemap
» Competitor site analysis
» Robot dot txt
» W3 validation
» Content optimization
» Site linking
» Redirecting
» Non-attribute optimization
» Conversion form
» Text code ratio
» Web speed optimization etc.

DO Off-Page SEO

This optimization can only be done with a high-level On-page optimized site. It plays an important role in indexing the site in search engines & has an effect on about 60-65%.

Off-Page SEO techniques involve the following things:-

Social Page making / social bookmarking
Directory Submission
Guest posting
Review posting
Article submission
Social media
Media sharing
Blog commenting

Monetization of Blog

So, this is the final thing for what you was expecting too from that much time.

If you wish to earn from your blog then you need to monetize your blog.

These are some monetization programs through which you may go.

There are lots of monetization processes but the widely preferred blog monetization is the Google Adsense monetization program.

This is all the answer of your questions on How to Start a Blog. I think if you go with these steps then you can create a successful blog. So, These are the steps & all you need to follow in order to setup a successful blog.

FAQ On How To Start A Blog?

How many posts should you post daily?

Actually, there is no limit to posting posts daily, You can post that much post what you can create.

Creating a blog is not a big deal but creating a valuable blog is necessary. so create blogs that add some value to the users.

How to start a blog and make money?

If you have read this blog from starting then, I think you have got the idea to make money via blogging.

But there are some platforms through which you can go. Read this

“How to make money with a blog for beginners”?

As a beginner, the best platform will be Google Adsense.

How to start a blog for free?

According to me starting a blog for free is not good, cause if you start a blog for free then you must have to go through the subdomain & which is not that valuable.

So, go with the domain but not a subdomain.

Is The How To Start A Blog will Help In creating A website too?

Yeah, This how to start a blog is in fact all in one solution for blog, website, business & all related sites. so It will help you for sure.

How to make money blogging?

To make money by blogging you can join all these platforms.

How do beginner blogs make money?

As a beginner, the best platform will be Google Adsense.

How to start a blog WordPress?

Wishing to start a blog on WordPress you may go with these steps.

Types of blogs that make money?

Personal blog, Business blog, etc.

Final words:-

So, this is all about how to start a blog? I thing your queries about starting a blog has been solved. I’m damn sure if you follow all these steps then you can start your blog easily.

If this article helped you a bit, just share this with the one who needs this.

Let’s get connected on Instagram, I’m fully active on Instagram. If you have any questions, problem Just feel free to contact me on Instagram or comment below.

Thank You

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