How To Create Privacy Policy Page in WordPress?

How to Create Privacy Policy Page for Your Website

Hey, after reading this article you will be able to generate a privacy policy for your site. The method shared in this article to generate a privacy policy is by the use of a privacy policy generator. Here you will get an idea about Privacy Policy Generator.

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You need to have a professional website design & engaging post so that you can make people stay on your page & earn more.

For professional website design, some pages on your website are must then only google will approve your AdSense approval request.

According to Google AdSense guidelines, 5 pages must be on your website [HOME, PRIVACY POLICY, DISCLAIMER, CONTACT US & ABOUT] only then google will approve your website to show Ads.

So, in this article, I’ll explain to you how you can create a privacy policy page for your website by the use of privacy policy generator.

It doesn’t matter on which platform you are running your website, this method is applicable for all platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc. to have some mandatory pages.

So, let’s go with what is the privacy policy and how to create.

What is the Privacy Policy Page?

Before creating the page of privacy policy lets takes a look at what is the Privacy Policy page is.

Privacy Policy:- 

It is a section in which all the details of the website content, data, user data, visitor data is given.

Along with how the admin of the website will be using all these things are provided.

Technically if you log in or enters on any website you automatically agree with the terms and conditions.

So, this is very important that a privacy policy page must be on your website. This page helps users & visitors to know about their data security & use.

So, let’s go to

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page?

If you wish to create a privacy policy then just follow some steps & you will be able to create a privacy policy page.

There are some easy steps by following that you will be able to create a professional-looking privacy & policy page for your website.

This process is FREE so you should not be tensed about paying in order to create a privacy policy page.

How to Create?

Step 1:- Go to Free Privacy Policy Generator

privacy policy generator

Hit on Create your privacy policy.

Step 2:- There on privacy policy generator you will see two options Website & Mobile apps. If you are creating a privacy policy for an application then select that otherwise go with Website click on next.

privacy policy generator

Step 3:- Then you may be asked to fill type, state, country like things, just go information is needed. Fill according to your business & Click on next.

privacy policy generator

Step 4:- Then you need to fill the website URL for which you wanna create the privacy policy just fill & click on next.

digital ritwik

Step 5:- Then you need to ask to fill the info like, which type of information do you collect of the visitors just go with that which you wish to collect, Now hit on next.


Step 6:- Then fill the information like, how visitors can contact you. Just provide your email id at the contact info.

Again hit on next, it will take you to the page where you need to provide some more info.

privacy policy

Step 7:- Then on the next page, you need to fill, do you want a professional privacy policy, just go with no.

Again hit on next & select the language in which you want to create your Privacy policy page.

privacy policy

So this is the final step, Just hit on the create Privacy Policy.

Finally, you will receive an email on privacy policy & from there just copy that and paste it on your Privacy policy page.

Here, your privacy policy is ready just in few simple steps.

FAQ On Privacy Policy Generator?

NOTE:- you can use that privacy policy on your website there is no problem with that and no with any copyright issue due to generated by privacy policy generator.

So here you got your privacy policy page without paying a single rupees.

Final words, This is all about how you can create your site’s privacy policy page with just simple steps.

Feel free to contact me personally on Instagram. I’ll try to give you all the answers to your questions Keep patience.

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