WordPress SEO Full Guide? (7 tips to Boost Your Site SEO)

To get good quality traffic you need to do proper WordPress SEO of your site. Your each & every blog post on WordPress or wherever you are blogging must be optimized.

So, you need to focus on SEO in order to get huge and quality traffic on your blog post and your site. SEO will increase your site visibility to search engine and also this is quite important.

Wordpress seo

It’s not that easy to rank any site without doing SEO or with a poor SEO. it could be quite difficult for beginners to get huge traffic and do a proper WordPress SEO for their blog post and blog.

It’s all up to you if you are a little bit serious about your blog post, on your blog ranking then you must need to do SEO and with a good SEO command, you can rank higher & beat your competitors.

What is WordPress SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an online process of listing or ranking of any site, blog, or service to the top or bottom of the search engines for a particular keyword.

Search Engine Optimization helps to rank any post or any site on the search engine, only if your site or content is a search engine optimization friendly and following the optimization terms.

There are 200+ known & unknown factors what search engine use to list to any site on top or bottom.

A. To increase the visibility of the site on search engines.

B. To get more organic & unique traffic on site.

C. To show your business on the digital platform.

D. To rank the site on the top of the search engine.

Getting organic traffic is too much important for you in order to rank your site on any search engine. To rank not only on Google but any search engine, you need to improve your site SEO.

Here are some tactics that I use to rank my site or rank my blog post and drive more traffic to my WordPress site by doing WordPress SEO.

If you are blogging then you might have heard about SEO friendly content, SEO friendly site & all.

So these are the things that everyone uses to rank their site on Google or any other search engine.

So, let’s go through it:-

Selection of Site URL

Selecting site URL is not that much difficult cause, If you are using www (www.yoursitename.com) along with https (https://yoursitename.com) for the same site having a non-www link, then search engine takes both sites links as a different new site.

So, you need to use only one site link either www.yoursitelink.com or https://yoursitename.com.

Don’t change frequently this thing because it will redirect or it will not found your website. when any of the users access your site through www http and direct yoursitename.com

It does not affect too much to your site but yeah, you can go with it for a good search result of your site.

To set up the links just take a look at the image below.

SEO DIgital ritwik

You need to go to settings followed by general then WordPress URL and Site URL from where you can easily fix it out.

Search Engine Visibility

Basically this site visibility option is given in each and every WordPress site to allow or disallow your site and everything off on your site to be visible to a search engine or not.

Are you thinking that why and when you can use your site visibility search engine option?

So, you can use the site visibility search engine option while you are maintaining your site or you don’t have created anything.

You need to tick discourage search engine visibility, while your site is under maintenance or you are not prepared yet to launch your site.

In this manner, it will help you in not auto-indexing of your site material to the search engine.

Permalink Setup

Permalink setup is another thing that has a great impact on your WordPress SEO.

If you are using a permalink that can’t be read by users easily then it may negatively impact the ranking of that particular post.

Your permalink may contain your post keyword which will rank your blog post, but due to this mistake, you might face no ranking like problems.

So the use of reading level permalink may help you to grab more traffic and making comfort to read any post which is shared by a link.

So just use permalinks like (www.digitaltitwik.com/how-to-create-blog-and-make-money)

Here in this permalink, you can easily know about the link is referring to create a blog and earn money from there.

But in permalink like

Or, www.digitalritwik.com/%%13921.

Or, anything else then the user to whom the link is being shared doesn’t have any idea about what the hell this link is referring to.

That’s why you need to fix it out. For fixing Permalinks go to setting>permalink>post name &
Just save it.

For WordPress SEO, you can use some of the best plugins in order to enhance your site SEO.

The best thing about your WordPress is, you can easily do SEO for your website without having any coding or anything else knowledge. This is because there are some plugins that help you to do so.

So, when you think about the selection of SEO plugins there are some certain names that come like All in one SEO pack, Rank math and the best ever Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

All of these have their own pros and cons so take a look at these.

Some best SEO plugins which you can use in order to improve your blog or website SEO are:-

Yoast SEO

It is an extremely important plugin for WordPress SEO, if you want to rank your site on google to get more traffic.

As this plugin optimizes your page so, the search engine understands actually the page is about what and index accordingly the search.

This plugin gives you a checklist of many things like SEO, Readability & social checklist, from where you can see how your post or page may rank on google.

It is a search engine optimizer & leads your post page and website in ranking. It is a FREEMIUM product as its most of its function comes free but if you need the full version of it then you have to pay for that.

Sitemap for your website creation

site map is a theme model of your site content design that helps visitors & search engines to navigate the site.

Wordpress seo

Sitemap consists of a page where all the pages links are listed category wise. It helps the search engine crawler to crawl and list the contents.

As it’s clear by the name that a sitemap is a map/roadway of your site where all the details about pages, categories & posts are indexed in a suitable pattern.

This is necessary according to the visitor’s point of view because it navigates visitors to the contents available on your site. So when it comes to site map creation you need to create a WordPress SEO friendly site.

If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin then it will automatically create a sitemap for your website and you don’t need to create manually.

To find out your sitemap just type http your site name.com/sitemap_index.xml There you will get your website sitemap.

Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google to monitor the indexability of the website content by the website owners on the search engine.

Google Search Console provides you the access to submit or remove your site url in the search engine. For that, you only need to go & request submission of your url.

The Google Search Console also provides the data of your website like, copied, scraped or anything else problem is found on your website.

To submit site map to the google search console you need to add domain to the search console & there after click on left upper corner.

After that you will see sitemap, Hit on that & at the right side you need to add sitemap_index.xml just after the website name & hit on submit.

It will be submitted & the status will show pending but after some minutes of hours it will be submitted.

Keyword Research

So, before writing an article it’s too important to search for the keyword on which you wanna write your article, Cause if you don’t have the keyword it means you don’t have any idea about the competition, search volume, amount of backlink required to rank your post.

As an intern in this field, you guys are like okay let’s write an article & push it to 20 articles & I’ll get the Google Adsense approval & start earning but in reality, nothing like that will happen.

So, firstly you need to search a good keyword so that you can rank that & for keyword research you can use some free tools & as well as some paid tools.

Free tools:-

Google Keyword Planner


Paid tools:-



Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO

It’s not about just activating the Yoast, Rank Math or All in one SEO plugin & it will work automatically for you.

Optimizing your blog post is not a fixed parameter that you need only one day practice that today you need to optimize & that’s all but it’s all about taking care & updating your SEO process or the content regularly.

That’s why you need to be up to date with SEO parameters & algorithms.

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin For WordPress SEO then you should take a look on it.

For WordPress SEO you need to have a look on the plugins you are using to optimize your content. All the options are given there Like, Keyword, Meta Description, SEO title & all.

For Proper WordPress SEO you need to check all the boxes carefully & fill accordingly & it will help you to rank on the search engines.

Do on-page SEO for all the blog posts, It will help you a lot in ranking of your article.

Linking Setup (InBound & OutBound Linking)

Again, This one is the most important part of the WordPress SEO & he cause is, link building helps Search Engine bot to reach out all the pages & crawl all the things defined on that site.

It matters a lot during ranking of your site so, you must need to create inbound link along with some outbound link.

Inbound link are those which are within the site & outbound are outside the links which refers an url to reach to another site.

You must need to link your posts within the site, I mean internal link in order to create a user engagement from one to another post. If you do so, It may give you loyal visitors & lots of page views.

If you are linking any url other than your site then you can add no follow attribute in that to give them a no follow link or do follow link.

Speed Up WordPress SIte

Speeding Up Your WordPress website will prevent your site ranking from getting down & it may also help you to rank up on any search engines, cause any search engine mainly to focus on the user reliability.

It will also prevent your from being hacked & again this will help you to create a seo friendly site on WordPress.

SO, For that, you need to optimize your site performance & for optimizing your site speed performance you can use Wp Rocket which is one of the best plugins ever in the market.

You can go through this video, It will help you to know how much important this plugin is.

So this is all about WordPress SEO, I think This article on WordPress SEO article will help you to improve your WordPress SEO & make you rank on any search engine.

If you follow all the steps then you will be able to create a WordPress SEO friendly site.

Thank you for staying here.

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